Is Pornography sneaking into YOUR HOME?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that there is a dark, ugly side to the Internet. Pornography has been fully updated into the digital age, and it is looking for an outlet in YOUR HOME.

I discovered this recently while doing my regular computer work, and a box popped up on the screen which enticed me to click. Big mistake on my part, because when I clicked on it, I was confronted directly with images that I do not want to see. At first I was angered. Then I wondered,

Is this stuff popping up on my kids' computer? If it were, would they tell me?

There has to be a solution...

So I started to look for a way to limit our exposure to the ugliness that was trying to sneak into our home. I explored until I found several excellent solutions, which are listed below. Although some may have a "paid" tier of service, each also has a "free" service level as well. I immediately began using porn-blocking technology. After implementing the porn-block, I did a Google search for "free pornography". Here is what I found:


I tried connecting to dozens of the porn sites that came up in the Google search results.

None of them took me to porn. This part of the test was, in my opinion, 100% successful.


It only blocks porn on the local network, which means that it is unable to help when you're connected to your mobile phone's data plan. Nor will it block porn when you're connected to public wifi, like at a coffee shop.

Sadly, there are plenty of ways to find pornography that are not blocked by this service. Which brings me to...


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize:

You don't have to go looking for pornography.
Pornography comes looking for you.

If somebody wants to find Porn, they certainly will. But these porn-blocking technologies are a huge step forward in putting an immediate stop to accidental encounters with Porn.

IF YOU'VE HAD IT with Porn sneaking into your home, or you don't want to give it a chance to get started, you should start using one of these FREE SERVICES today.

There is something you can do.
So do it now.

I have identified more than one company offering free filtering for Pornography, as well as violence, gambling, malware, phishing, hate/discrimination and other pernicious materials widely available on the Internet. Here is my list:


Clean Browsing:


Open DNS:

If you need help, please consult a service provider, such as: SaigeAdvice.

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